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Now that I’ve got some time…

Not that you need to know, but I had a toenail removed this morning, so have a bit of time off work to do some wedding planning!

The big update… I’ve bought my dress! Of course I’m not going to put a picture on, because I don’t want James to see it! But it’s a Mon Cheri, and it’s completely different to what I thought I’d like. My Mum and Dad are amazing and have offered to buy it for me (which is good seeing as it was out of my budget!!). I can’t wait until it’s delivered and I can try it on again.

I’ve been looking at flowers, and have decided which florist I’ll be using, and a selection of flowers…

Yellow Gerberas


Lilac Rose

Purple Lisianthus

Purple Trachelium

Purple Freesia

Yellow Freesia

Yellow Craspedia Billy Balls

Lots of lovely bright flowers! Very exciting!


I do have more to tell you, but I’ll save that until next time!

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Let’s get planning!

Time to start planning again!

It’s been quite a while, but I’ve decided to kick start the weddings plans. I was watching Don’t Tell The Bride the other day, when I realised it’s only 1 year and just over 9 months until the wedding! Argh! That seems so soon! A lot closer than 2 years! So, now that’s panicked me a bit, I’ve started planning again.

I’ve emailed a company about wedding flowers, so hopefully I can arrange an appointment with them soon to discuss the flowers. I emailed a venue dresser (the same lady I arranged the car through!) to ask her for details, and to set her thinking of ideas for a purple and yellow wedding. I’m also hoping to start dress shopping soon! I originally wanted to go at the beginning of next month, but I’d like to go a day when James is at work, and my Dad has to be off to look after my Brother so my Mum can come with me, so that day didn’t suit everyone! Back to the drawing board I think…

Going to a mini family reunion in a few weeks in Southport, so will be nice to see other family members and talk more about the wedding!


Now, I’m off to research the hen do more…

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It’s been a while…

I know I’ve been pretty rubbish with this blog writing recently, but wedding planning has been on the back burner recently due to starting a new job. However, on Thursday it was exactly 2 years until the wedding! It’s so exciting that we’re now in the 1 year x months rather than 2 years x months!

It also means that we can now arrange the insurance. It all seems a little confusing. Does the cancellation cover have to be close to what we’re paying for the entire wedding? Or does it now cover everything that would have to be rearranged? I think we’re either going to go with John Lewis or Debenhams, as they’re well known companies, but just not sure what level of cover! With John Lewis, we could get £15k cancellation cover, but with Debenhams we’d have to get £20k cover because they only do £10k and £20k (useful!).

I think I’ll have to speak to J about it (although I doubt he’ll have a proper opinion!) and see where we go from there.

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Just thought I’d do a quick update. We’ve booked a few more things now, so I can tell you about the suppliers we’ve booked:


We’ve met and looked at so many photographers since we started planning the wedding, but none made us go “Wow!”. Until we went to the wedding fayre at Horsley Lodge. Merv, from Field Photographic, is such a great guy, and was so friendly when we first met him. The work that he and his partner do is amazing. They take gorgeous photos. It was lovely that when we told Merv where we were getting married, he instantly found photos he had taken at our church to show us. It really helps to see photos from previous weddings at your venue. He also showed us pictures from all of our prospective reception venues (as we hadn’t decided one at the time). We knew as soon as we left the fayre that we wanted Merv to photograph our wedding, so booked him the next weekend at the Makeney Hall wedding fayre.


At our very first wedding fayre at Breadsall Priory, we saw two beautiful cars from I Do Wedding Cars. This was the first time I’d heard of a Beauford, and I completely fell in love. They are absolutely gorgeous cars. After this I went on a mission to find all wedding car companies in our area that had a Beauford. I contacted all the ones I found that I liked for quotes, and received 3 quotes back. 2 of the companies were based an hour from our house, so quite far to travel to see the car before we booked. The other, was from I Do Wedding Cars, so although they aren’t based very close to us, we’d already seen the car. It was also the cheapest quote, so we went with it!


I hadn’t really thought about booking the DJ until we met Paul from Spirits High DJ at the Makeney Hall wedding fayre. He was a really nice, down to earth guy, but really professional. I took his details home with me after, and just put them in my wedding folder. A while later, I added him on Facebook, and saw that he was taking bookings for 2014, and already had a few. I had always thought I wouldn’t book the DJ until about a year before, but hearing that he was already in demand made me change my mind! I emailed him for a quote, and he got back to me straight away. As soon as we’d secured Shottle Hall, we contacted Paul and booked.


I was thinking about what entertainment to have in the break between the speeches and the evening reception, browsing the internet, when I found a list of caricaturists in our area. I had my caricature drawn whilst on holiday in America when I was 12, and absolutely love the picture, so thought it was a great idea, and a lovely momento for our guests to take home with them. I found one caricaturist that I particularly liked the look of, and saved his website to my favourites. A couple of weeks after, I was showing my Man of Honour my idea, and noticed that Mark (caricaturist) had updated his website as he had started taking bookings for 2014. So I sent him an email asking whether he was available, and confirming the price. Thankfully, he was available, and so we added him to our list of suppliers!


That’s it for now! We think we’ve chosen our videographer, but haven’t booked him yet. Then I WILL stop planning until June!!!


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Drum roll please!

We’ve finally chosen our venue! We went to see it last week, and went back yesterday to put down the deposit. So it’s official!

Our venue is…

Shottle Hall!

Me, J and my Mum all went to see it last Monday, when the weather was gorgeous, and we all just went “wow”.

The Orangery is gorgeous. Full length windows, starlit ceiling, baby grand piano, beautiful big chandelier, just perfect.

And, it’s got two bridal suites! J prefers the first one (the Red room), whereas I prefer the second one (the Rococo room). They’re both so different, so it’s hard to choose which we use! At least we’ve got 2 years to decide!

It’s just the perfect venue, and I’m so excited to be able to plan all the other details now! I have sorted a couple of other things out, so will post about them soon.

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Mini update!!

Sorry for the lack of posting, no major developments but thought I’d give you an update of where we are now.

Shottle Hall

Still haven’t arranged to visit here yet. I did receive an email telling me that they were having a voucher day in their marquee. I emailed the wedding co-ordinator to ask whether the house would be open, but they have a wedding on that day, but I could come to their open day in April, or book an appointment to be shown round. I’m too excited to wait until April, so will be arranging an appointment at the end of this week!



I’ve decided I definately want a Beauford…

Absolutely stunning cars. I have a list of companies that have Beaufords, and will be contacting them all for quotes once we’ve booked the reception venue!
I’ve also been looking online at wedding dresses (even though I’ve decided I won’t actually go shopping until a year before!). Here are some of my favourites so far…
Looking forward to actually trying something on!
Will update again once we’ve seen Shottle.
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Sutton Bonington Hall

Today was the turn of Sutton Bonington Hall.

It looks absolutely stunning on the website, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up before I went. Thankfully, it was even more gorgeous in person than on the website! We were met by the wedding co-ordinator when we arrived, who told us that they don’t have a diary for 2014 yet! She thinks that most people book their venue 6 months in advance, well I’d struggle to arrange mine in that time!

Anyway, she showed us around all the reception rooms, where we’d have the wedding breakfast, and the evening reception, and then took us upstairs to see the bedrooms. They only have 6, but they’re all themed differently, and are very well maintained. The honeymoon suite is absolutely amazing, a huge room with a gorgeous bed and huge windows with fantastic views.



Gorgeous rooms, grounds, and atmosphere

Perfect size

Perfect number of rooms




A railway runs past nearby

Have to wait a while to book


This definitely is the front runner now, I now want to go to Shottle as soon as possible just so I can decide!

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Dovecliff Hall

I think Sunday must have been the busiest day for wedding fayres! I know of at least 3 that took place, so it meant that I had a choice to make!

In the end, I chose here: Dovecliff Hall.

It’s a fairly unknown house about 10 minutes from where we live, and it’s actually lovely. I’d convinced myself before we set off that it wouldn’t be what I wanted, and it wouldn’t be as nice as made out on the website. But I was wrong! It’s a lovely house, beautiful grounds, and we were able to have a nosey around the bedrooms too, which have real character. So I was pleasantly surprised! Dovecliff now takes over from Makeney Hall as the front runner!



Grand, well kept building/rooms

Lovely grounds for photographs

Option to have the whole hall

Close to home



To have the whole hall, our guests have to book all 14 bedrooms

Minimum number of guests in the day is 80


Definitely one to consider…

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Wedding Fayres

So, as my first proper post, I thought I’d tell you about my experiences with wedding fayres! We decided to go to the fayres in order to primarily look around the venues, in order to choose the reception venue. So I’ll do a little report on each of them so far.

I went to my first last month, at Breadsall Priory.

Marriott Breadsall Priory Hotel and Country Club

Looks lovely in pictures, and the old building is gorgeous. However, wasn’t really my cup of tea in the end. I wasn’t expecting to like it anyway, so this just cemented that fact! However, I did get to meet the lovely ladies from Layers Cakes, who we’re now pretty sure we’re going to have our cake from, so it wasn’t all bad!



Lovely old building

Great surroundings/grounds

Close to the church



We’d need to hire the biggest room, which is in the new building, so not as nice as the old building

Tooooo many golfers about

They have more than 1 wedding a day

Bit poncy!


We went to the next fayre a couple of weeks ago, at Horsley Lodge.

Again, another lovely looking venue. Before J and I got engaged, this was my dream venue. I’d been looking at it for so long and dreaming about when I’d have my wedding there! So I was looking forward to the wedding fayre. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. It wasn’t what I expected at all, and left me feeling a bit deflated. However, the fayre itself was good, I was able to speak to a great photographer who showed me photos he’d taken at all my potential venues. I also got to sit in some really lovely vintage cars, so I definitely want a vintage car now!



Close to the church

Quite cheap

Guests have a choice at the wedding breakfast



You only get one room out of quite a big building

The “wedding garden” is tiny and has no grass!



Last weekend, we went to Makeney Hall.

Another lovely venue. I was actually suprised with how nice it was, as it’s hard to tell from the website. They also had the rooms set up as they would be for either a ceremony or reception, which was nice in order to visualise how it would look. So far, Makeney is in the lead! All in all it was a good fair, as we booked Field Photographic as our TOG, who we met at Horsley Lodge! So that’s another thing ticked off the list!



Lovely building/reception rooms

Plenty of nice places for photos

Not too far from church



A little expensive

Not sure whether they have more than one wedding a day

The nicer room isn’t big enough for evening reception

Didn’t make me go “wow!”


So far, I’m not convinced! We’re going to Dovecliffe Hall this weekend, Shottle Hall in April, and I have to contact Sutton Bonington Hall to view as it’s their fayre the same day as Dovecliffe. Hopefully one of them will blow me away!

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First post!

Well this is my first post of my wedding blog!

Well I’ll be posting on here as often as I can about general wedding things, letting you know how I’m getting on with the planning (I have already started, so I’ll do a post about that soon to get you up to speed!).

Hopefully this will give me a great outlet to vent when things aren’t going too good, and when I need some helpful advice.

So, back soon!

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