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Wedding Fayres

So, as my first proper post, I thought I’d tell you about my experiences with wedding fayres! We decided to go to the fayres in order to primarily look around the venues, in order to choose the reception venue. So I’ll do a little report on each of them so far.

I went to my first last month, at Breadsall Priory.

Marriott Breadsall Priory Hotel and Country Club

Looks lovely in pictures, and the old building is gorgeous. However, wasn’t really my cup of tea in the end. I wasn’t expecting to like it anyway, so this just cemented that fact! However, I did get to meet the lovely ladies from Layers Cakes, who we’re now pretty sure we’re going to have our cake from, so it wasn’t all bad!



Lovely old building

Great surroundings/grounds

Close to the church



We’d need to hire the biggest room, which is in the new building, so not as nice as the old building

Tooooo many golfers about

They have more than 1 wedding a day

Bit poncy!


We went to the next fayre a couple of weeks ago, at Horsley Lodge.

Again, another lovely looking venue. Before J and I got engaged, this was my dream venue. I’d been looking at it for so long and dreaming about when I’d have my wedding there! So I was looking forward to the wedding fayre. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. It wasn’t what I expected at all, and left me feeling a bit deflated. However, the fayre itself was good, I was able to speak to a great photographer who showed me photos he’d taken at all my potential venues. I also got to sit in some really lovely vintage cars, so I definitely want a vintage car now!



Close to the church

Quite cheap

Guests have a choice at the wedding breakfast



You only get one room out of quite a big building

The “wedding garden” is tiny and has no grass!



Last weekend, we went to Makeney Hall.

Another lovely venue. I was actually suprised with how nice it was, as it’s hard to tell from the website. They also had the rooms set up as they would be for either a ceremony or reception, which was nice in order to visualise how it would look. So far, Makeney is in the lead! All in all it was a good fair, as we booked Field Photographic as our TOG, who we met at Horsley Lodge! So that’s another thing ticked off the list!



Lovely building/reception rooms

Plenty of nice places for photos

Not too far from church



A little expensive

Not sure whether they have more than one wedding a day

The nicer room isn’t big enough for evening reception

Didn’t make me go “wow!”


So far, I’m not convinced! We’re going to Dovecliffe Hall this weekend, Shottle Hall in April, and I have to contact Sutton Bonington Hall to view as it’s their fayre the same day as Dovecliffe. Hopefully one of them will blow me away!

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First post!

Well this is my first post of my wedding blog!

Well I’ll be posting on here as often as I can about general wedding things, letting you know how I’m getting on with the planning (I have already started, so I’ll do a post about that soon to get you up to speed!).

Hopefully this will give me a great outlet to vent when things aren’t going too good, and when I need some helpful advice.

So, back soon!

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