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on August 19, 2012

Time to start planning again!

It’s been quite a while, but I’ve decided to kick start the weddings plans. I was watching Don’t Tell The Bride the other day, when I realised it’s only 1 year and just over 9 months until the wedding! Argh! That seems so soon! A lot closer than 2 years! So, now that’s panicked me a bit, I’ve started planning again.

I’ve emailed a company about wedding flowers, so hopefully I can arrange an appointment with them soon to discuss the flowers. I emailed a venue dresser (the same lady I arranged the car through!) to ask her for details, and to set her thinking of ideas for a purple and yellow wedding. I’m also hoping to start dress shopping soon! I originally wanted to go at the beginning of next month, but I’d like to go a day when James is at work, and my Dad has to be off to look after my Brother so my Mum can come with me, so that day didn’t suit everyone! Back to the drawing board I think…

Going to a mini family reunion in a few weeks in Southport, so will be nice to see other family members and talk more about the wedding!


Now, I’m off to research the hen do more…


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