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Now that I’ve got some time…

Not that you need to know, but I had a toenail removed this morning, so have a bit of time off work to do some wedding planning!

The big update… I’ve bought my dress! Of course I’m not going to put a picture on, because I don’t want James to see it! But it’s a Mon Cheri, and it’s completely different to what I thought I’d like. My Mum and Dad are amazing and have offered to buy it for me (which is good seeing as it was out of my budget!!). I can’t wait until it’s delivered and I can try it on again.

I’ve been looking at flowers, and have decided which florist I’ll be using, and a selection of flowers…

Yellow Gerberas


Lilac Rose

Purple Lisianthus

Purple Trachelium

Purple Freesia

Yellow Freesia

Yellow Craspedia Billy Balls

Lots of lovely bright flowers! Very exciting!


I do have more to tell you, but I’ll save that until next time!

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Mini update!!

Sorry for the lack of posting, no major developments but thought I’d give you an update of where we are now.

Shottle Hall

Still haven’t arranged to visit here yet. I did receive an email telling me that they were having a voucher day in their marquee. I emailed the wedding co-ordinator to ask whether the house would be open, but they have a wedding on that day, but I could come to their open day in April, or book an appointment to be shown round. I’m too excited to wait until April, so will be arranging an appointment at the end of this week!



I’ve decided I definately want a Beauford…

Absolutely stunning cars. I have a list of companies that have Beaufords, and will be contacting them all for quotes once we’ve booked the reception venue!
I’ve also been looking online at wedding dresses (even though I’ve decided I won’t actually go shopping until a year before!). Here are some of my favourites so far…
Looking forward to actually trying something on!
Will update again once we’ve seen Shottle.
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