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Now that I’ve got some time…

Not that you need to know, but I had a toenail removed this morning, so have a bit of time off work to do some wedding planning!

The big update… I’ve bought my dress! Of course I’m not going to putĀ a picture on, because I don’t want James to see it! But it’s a Mon Cheri, and it’s completely different to what I thought I’d like. My Mum and Dad are amazing and have offered to buy it for me (which is good seeing as it was out of my budget!!). I can’t wait until it’s delivered and I can try it on again.

I’ve been looking at flowers, and have decided which florist I’ll be using, and a selection of flowers…

Yellow Gerberas


Lilac Rose

Purple Lisianthus

Purple Trachelium

Purple Freesia

Yellow Freesia

Yellow Craspedia Billy Balls

Lots of lovely bright flowers! Very exciting!


I do have more to tell you, but I’ll save that until next time!

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