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It’s been a while…

I know I’ve been pretty rubbish with this blog writing recently, but wedding planning has been on the back burner recently due to starting a new job. However, on Thursday it was exactly 2 years until the wedding! It’s so exciting that we’re now in the 1 year x months rather than 2 years x months!

It also means that we can now arrange the insurance. It all seems a little confusing. Does the cancellation cover have to be close to what we’re paying for the entire wedding? Or does it now cover everything that would have to be rearranged? I think we’re either going to go with John Lewis or Debenhams, as they’re well known companies, but just not sure what level of cover! With John Lewis, we could get £15k cancellation cover, but with Debenhams we’d have to get £20k cover because they only do £10k and £20k (useful!).

I think I’ll have to speak to J about it (although I doubt he’ll have a proper opinion!) and see where we go from there.

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